Which backpack to choose?

Which backpack to choose?

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The whole variety of shoulder bag models comes down to six basic types:

  • with backrest: a popular type of backpack for tourism. Built-in rigid aluminum or plastic elements in the backrest, provide vertical and horizontal rigidity of the entire structure. Bags of this type have a “floating” suspension, allowing you to adjust to the growth and physiological characteristics of the owner. It is possible to take out the frame elements, expanding the free space and increasing its capacity;
  • with soft backrest: do not have rigid frame elements. The material of the back, shoulder straps and belt is reinforced with polyethylene foam inserts. The products have a stitched straw knot. Advantages of a design – small weight, possibility compactly to roll up an empty bag. You can find such a backpack here shylero.com;
  • machine tools: represent a structure consisting of a metal or plastic frame to which the suspension (straps, belt, back and lumbar supports) and the bag are attached;
  • stiff backrest: two metal plates or a frame made of thin metal bars are sewn into the backrest of the bag from the straps to the bottom. The frame can be flat or curved relative to the plane of the back. It is used to reduce the load on longitudinal spinal muscles;
  • Frameless backrest: a fabric shoulder bag without constructions. It is light, but the weight in it is felt by the shoulders. Angular covers with equipment can put pressure on the back or its individual places;
  • orthopedic backpacks prevent spinal curvature, reducing the load on the spine by 30%. The design provides an anatomically shaped backrest with elastic padding and holes for ventilation. Straps with soft inserts reduce strain on shoulders while wearing. Special adjustment adjusts the length of the straps according to the physical characteristics of the person. Equipped with a hard base, which prevents the backpack from moving in any direction.

The choice of backpack: which one is better

When choosing a backpack type and design, take into account its area of application. The comfortable shoulder bag makes it easy to carry and keeps a healthy back and back. The choice of model, volume, external attachment and suspension system depends on the purpose:

  • travel backpack. How and which backpack to choose? The volume of female expeditionary and mountain models is determined by 65-80 liters. Male versions are 80-130 litres. The standard form of a backpack for tourism is cylindrical, but there are models that expand upwards. The oval bottom is more convenient, in comparison with rectangular, for a hike. The top of the tourist backpack is closed with a lid or valve. Their tailoring is based on dense synthetic fabrics with an inner moisture-protective layer to protect things from getting wet. Pay attention to the stitching of the bag: double stitching with a kapron thread or a seam covered with a ribbon is a sign of a quality thing. The suspension system should be carefully selected to suit your needs;
  • city backpack. How do I choose a backpack for my city? It’s the most popular kind of shoulder bag. Their shape and size have been chosen for the comfortable placement of books, magazines, laptops. When choosing a backpack for the city, pay attention to its volume (capacity), the presence of sections, whether there is a knapsack adjustment, a special place for a laptop. There are side pockets (in the form of a grid) for bottles of water, holes for headphones (the player is inside the backpack). Many interesting options are available here https://shylero.com/clear-backpack-for-school-xl-h18xw14xd8-h45xw35xd20-cm-315l-top-2-way-ykk-zip-black-rhino.