Top DevOps Companies in the USA

Top DevOps Companies in the USA

May 14, 2021 Off By whatcani926do

How popular is the term-abbreviation “DevOps”? I’d say ten out of ten! But, who knows exactly what it means. Google presents so many definitions and they are mostly about uniting two software production teams like developers and IT operations specialists on one by adopting and implementing high-performing DevOps culture.

And, don’t get me wrong, this approach to DevOps is great and has its right to exist. To tell you more, this is an ideal picture. However, for us at IT Svit DevOps is mostly a methodology that helps to streamline, automate and optimize SDLC (software development lifecycle) to deliver high-quality and customer-oriented products and services as fast as possible. With that, many IT companies are dreaming to adopt the DevOps methodology in their teams. Or, at least they are looking for the improvements and benefits that DevOps proposes. One way or another, IT businesses are trying to implement DevOps in practice. In many cases, they turn to DevOps outsourcing companies for them to provide DevOps services utilizing best DevOps practices. And this is a very good idea, especially for small businesses and startups that experience a lack of skilled DevOps professionals. Here we give some of the best DevOps companies in USA you can turn to.

Perficient. “Move Faster. Engage Smarter. Connect Deeper.” Perficient is a global digital consultancy transforming how the world’s biggest brands connect with customers and grow their business. With Perficient, customers get the experience and expertise, speed and agility, and a healthy dose of pragmatism to drive their business forward. 

Contino “Digital Transformation Starts Here.” Contino is a leading transformation consultancy that helps large, heavily regulated enterprises to become fast, agile and competitive. Contino assesses your maturity and creates a cutting-edge strategy to help you succeed. They build everything from initial lighthouse projects to enterprise-grade platforms and products. What’s more, Contino gives your people the skills they need to be competitive in a cloud-native world.

Cloud Technology Partners, Inc. “Deliver business outcomes faster.” CTP, Inc. a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, allows their clients to achieve the cloud experience for all their apps and data, no matter where they live. Get cloud services without the cost, risk, and time to move data and refactor apps, so they free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility and free up their talent to accelerate their business. 

IT Svit. “Great ideas deserve great implementation!” It is a DevOps company that specializes in the delivery of stable, reliable and cost-efficient DevOps Services to companies in the USA and throughout the world. It Svit consists of dedicated teams with 15 years of expertise in IT outsourcing and more than 5 years in DevOps as a service. IT Svit professionals utilize the best DevOps practices, cloud features and tools to design, carry out and operate cost-effective cloud infrastructure together with automation of all the cycles.

Frankly speaking, this list could be much bigger, but the main point here is that DevOps is something to be implemented by professionals for your software to be delivered faster to the market and for your teams to be freed up from toil and endless troubleshooting. As a result, the productivity of your teams significantly rises as well as your customer satisfaction level. DevOps outsourcing companies not only provide excellent services for you but also support your teams with all necessary documentation.