The history of development of hidden object games on PC

The history of development of hidden object games on PC

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Once upon a time, games of the “hidden objects” genre were considered casual and “miniature”. Now it is an independent and successful genre. Learn the history of its development and what it has achieved in our days. In the original, the name of the genre sounds like “Hidden Objects Adventure Games”. You can learn more about such games here There you can find a lot of different games on the search for objects.

The development of the genre began with games like “Find Differences”, in which, looking at two pictures, it was necessary to find objects with which they differ. The passage of such games took very little time and really could be called “casual”. But over time, the players became very demanding, and the developers were forced to invent something new. But even the most diverse plots could bore the players, and then embedded mini-games, puzzles, comic-style videos, non-linear dialogues, and much more came to the rescue. All this literally revived the genre.

The graphics in games with the search for objects is very bright and saturated, but at the same time does not cause irritation to the eyes, which is very important, considering the time spent by the player on one plot. It is not the most important element of such games, but it should appeal to players.

The process of the game does not cause doubts – it is necessary to look for various objects in it against the background of a certain “plot”

Anything from items of clothing, keys, fruits and vegetables, to animals and birds. A variety of objects is limited only by the imagination of the screenwriter and game designer. The player is given a certain task in the form of a list of the desired items. Sometimes, instead of a list, the silhouettes of these objects or a riddle are provided, the answer to which should be the object (i.e. First you need to guess the riddle and then find the object). If you are hesitated and you can’t find the item you need for a long time, use the prompts (their number usually depends on the level of difficulty).

If a limited time is allocated for the passage of an episode, the task becomes more complicated. On the one hand, you need to hurry, but in no case you can’t make hasty clicks. For each “mistake” you are charged a penalty in the form of a decrease in the time left to complete the game (this is a kind of protection that does not allow the game to pass through the so-called “click method”).

Sometimes developers hide one thing in another

For example, you can put something in the chest, but you can only open it with a key that you first need to find. And do not be surprised if this key turns out to be at a completely different location (be ready to move between the “plots” in order to complete unfinished business). Also, as a surprise, developers could throw up “divided” items – things consisting of several parts scattered throughout the location.

The storyline of the games “Hidden objects” is the most diverse. Often they are compared with games-giants in the spirit of quests. The most popular in recent times are the mystical games in the thriller genre. Detective stories and investigations, charms of evil witches, riddles of the curse of the dead, pirates abandoned ships and much more. Depending on the target audience, the plot can be created for children or for adults. After all, such games may be interested to any person.

It is also important to note that such games increase attentiveness and develop the brain. That is why parents often give their children the game to search for objects from an early age. The plot of such games for children is intuitive and the child can understand everything even if it is not yet able to read. In addition to mindfulness, perseverance, concentration and the ability to analyze the situation also develop.