Several ways to attract followers to Instagram

Several ways to attract followers to Instagram

January 27, 2021 Off By whatcani926do

Buying subscribers is one of the methods of promoting an Instagram account. Usually bots or inactive users subscribe to the account. These followers are inactive: they don’t wait for the next posts, don’t comment and don’t like them.

When buying, the account gets a non-targeted audience, and its coverage is mostly reduced. Some bloggers take this step deliberately, for example, to brag about their audience to an advertiser in hopes of getting more money for advertising. This is cheating and easy to spot. But if you want to get more subscribers for yourself or just to multiply the number of your real subscribers, you can use the service Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most popular ways to get new subscribers.

Buying bots, likes, comments

How the process looks like. The owner of the account leaves an application in the service, pays, after a while the account is signed by bots. The same for the likes and views of stories. The price per subscriber here will be the cheapest. They depend on the quality of the bots: bots that mimic real people are more expensive. Efficiency is low. Bots will not buy a product, recommend it to friends, like new posts or leave comments. Advertisers can use special services to calculate such accounts.

In theory, the purchase can be used as a social proof for the store page. Potential buyers will see the number of subscribers and think the store is cool, since so many people are subscribed to it. But customers also look at the comments, and live, off-the-wall comments are hard to fake. So you’ll have to work on comments to revitalize your account.


How the process works. A famous person holds a contest with a big prize, such as a car. In order to participate, you have to fulfill the conditions of the contest. The winner is determined at random during the broadcast. The subscriptions the person has to sign up for are sponsors. They get the subscribers from the contest and pay for all the expenses: the prize, attracting a star, the work of the editor, the costs of the organizer. Yes, usually the organizer holds the giveaway. There are chats where they conduct recruitment for the next commercial. The price per subscriber is also small. The efficiency here is extremely incomparable with the price for participation. Even though the sponsor gets a live subscriber cheaply, giveaway has three problems:

  1. An untargeted, disposable audience subscribes. They don’t care about the sponsor’s page, they only click on it to participate. They don’t even need to go to the sponsors’ accounts, just go to the blogger’s subscriptions and click there.
  2. After the contest there is nothing to stop people from unsubscribing. Contest organizers know this problem and quickly purge the blogger’s subscriptions from sponsors. But subscribers can simply sort their subscriptions by date and unsubscribe.
  3. Coverage declines. Instagram maintains a kind of shadow rating of each account. An account’s active audience that likes and comments is rated high. Accounts with high ratings go up in the feed and can get into recommendations.
  4. Accounts with a dead audience have low ratings – they won’t show up in recommendations, and subscribers’ posts appear at the bottom, where not everyone can reach.

The metamorphosis of a sponsor’s page after a giveaway tells Instagram that he has a bad account. The signs are clear: the audience is large, but there is no activity, and then people are quick to unsubscribe as well. So if you want to get 50 instagram followers or much more, then you better use other methods of development in this social network. After all, if you use this option, not only will you lose money, but you also won’t be able to attract followers.