How to Write a 3 Page Essay Fast: Writing Tips

How to Write a 3 Page Essay Fast: Writing Tips

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The essay is a very challenging and interesting genre that is part of the educational process. Many students still do not understand this format. Despite the fact that, by definition, an essay should not represent a large volume of work, it is not easy to write a compact text that fully meets all the requirements of the professor. That’s why you can entrust the performance of this creative work to professionals.

Why does writing an essay sometimes seem like an impossible task for an untrained person? The simplest and most obvious explanation is that not all of us can clearly and consistently state our thoughts on paper. Think back to your high school years. Writing an essay on a free or assigned topic was often the most excruciating task. And the fault for this is not the lack of thoughts, but the difficulty in organizing them. And to write qualitatively, you need not only to be well-versed in the topic, but also to have your own reasoned opinion on a particular issue. If deadlines are tight, you may want to consider Buying college papers.

How to write a quick essay

An essay is an argument. A type of essay in which the author demonstrates his view of an issue, describes his attitude and gives arguments. To begin with, let’s look at the signs of an essay-explanatory work.

Signs of an essay

You can write an essay on any topic. For example, about a phenomenon, a book, an event, a company. However, any essay corresponds to these distinctive signs:

  • clearly defined topic (there can be only one);
  • subjective view of the author on the problem;
  • small volume (3-7 pages for students and 1-2 for children);
  • free composition;
  • a relaxed narrative;
  • presence of paradoxes (in the topic or in the reasoning);
  • semantic unity (consistency of theses and arguments).

Before writing, it is important to clearly define the topic (problem), scope, and objectives of each paragraph. A good topic for an essay is one that covers philosophical, moral, and social problems. It is better to take them for writing an essay.

Essay template

There is no single essay template. Usually it is set by the teacher or the situation. However, there are similar structures and principles of writing.

  • Introduction. You should start with the main idea. Bright phrases in the introduction are welcome. The aim is to win the interest and attention of the reader. You can bring a comparative allegory, mention an entertaining fact or event, which are related to the key topic.
  • Main part. Here you can refer to history, give points of view of different people, examples from your own life. Also an example of an essay can serve as a biography. The task is to fully disclose the issue.
  • Arguments. They are included in the main part or brought after it. It is customary to structure the argumentation in this order: assertion, explanation, example or cases, the final conclusion (arguments for your work can be spied on in free essays that are published on the Internet).
  • The final part. The above is summarized here. Mention the problem again, combine the conclusions of each thesis and bring the reader to the author’s main point of view. The purpose of the final part is to make the essay holistic and encourage the reader to think.
  • This form is the most common. The best essays are coherent, cohesive, and evidentiary.

It would seem that there is nothing difficult to write a brief preface, thesis statement, your arguments, and end the narrative with a logical conclusion. However, there is a lot of hard work behind it all. For an essay to be interesting and reflect your personal opinion rather than a mechanistic retelling of commonly known facts, a long and painstaking work is required. Imagine the mental effort it takes to consult all the informative sources on the topic and formulate your own idea of the problem, without repeating yourself and basing each subjective statement on competently stated facts.

Order an essay from professionals

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