How to make money on roulette in online casino

How to make money on roulette in online casino

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Roulette is a popular game in which a player can make a different betting range (per sector, color, group of numbers, or one number), and the outcome of the game depends on which sector of the drum the spinning ball has stopped at. By the same principle, online roulette, which you can rotate, on the screens of your computers, is also pointed out. Consider how to make money on the roulette in the casino and what rules for this to apply?

Earn at online casino roulette

The whole process of video game is built on a random number generator, so the results are random and cannot be rigged. But still you can try to beat the roulette using some secrets. And first you need to choose the right casino where you can play roulette. The site of the gaming club presents a casino rating, through which you can familiarize yourself with the features of the gambling halls, their working principles and reviews of real players. Don’t forget that you only need to play in honest and reliable casinos! Remember that playing in online casinos is not the same as online sports betting.

Basic rules, how to make money on roulette

  1. Choose the right game. If you want to bet on groups of numbers or sectors, the roulette without zero will be the most profitable, but the biggest winnings on bets on individual numbers can be obtained on French roulette.
  2. Choose a reliable casino. They guarantee the integrity of games and pay the money earned to users.
  3. Apply schemes. Professionals recommend sticking to the chosen game system and not changing it spontaneously.
  4. Do not go for broke. Maximum bets make it easy for you to quickly lower your budget and not be able to continue playing.
  5. Do not put on 5 numbers at once. It turns out that in this case, earning money at roulette is the most difficult.
  6. Oddly enough, strategies are the most effective rule how to beat roulette. Therefore, before starting the game, it will not hurt to study them and choose your method of playing.

How to play roulette using strategies?

All of them are based on the correct management of rates, depending on the situation. And although there are many different methods on the Internet, we recommend using only risk-free schemes, with which you will not only earn money, but also save a deposit.

  1. Martingale There are several schemes for this system, which you can find in the article Martingale system in roulette. Here, the focus is on putting on a color (red or black), a sector, a group of numbers. In this case, after winning or losing (depending on the method), it is necessary to double the bet.
  2. Dozens and columns. The scheme provides for making bets on numerical fields in which winnings are paid 1: 2. If you lose a bet multiplied by two. The probability of earning is 66.6%.
  3. Kyuban. The player needs to determine the unevenness of the distributed sectors. So, in the center of the field there are more black sectors, but on the third field there are red ones. You need to bet on red in the central row, so you can make the chances of winning better.
  4. Method 5 of 6. You need to bet on the five numbers of one of the groups. If the ball fell on an empty sector, multiply the bet. The probability of winning is 85%.
  5. Fibonacci First you need to spin the drum for free, studying the sequence of the numbers drawn. Then make your own sequence and start betting. If a certain number is winning, we delete it.
  6. Thomas Donald’s strategy. Choose one color on which you will constantly put. In case of loss, the bet is increased by 1 dollar, and after the win is reduced. You can make only 36 attempts, and then change color.


No strategy will give you a 100% guarantee that you will earn a big score at roulette. After all, do not forget, everything also depends on your luck. But you can increase the chances of a successful outcome by applying strategies and correctly betting. In addition, play only in honest and proven casinos, where there is a great opportunity to earn a roulette and stay in the black.