How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring

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Are you preparing for an important event in life – you are going to buy an engagement ring? It would seem, one big stone, quality gold, elegant decor – what more do you need? But a thoughtful, considered approach to choosing a product will emphasize the importance of your intentions. The girl will feel the love and care. Every time she looks at the ring, she will be reminded of your declaration of love.

What should an engagement ring look like?

Engagement rings are accessories that feature a single large stone. The way the stone is fixed varies. The decorative element can be immersed in the base of the ring or placed over the rim of the jewelry (this element is called cast). The first case is a high setting of the stone, while the second is a low setting. Engagement jewelry with one stone is called a “solitaire.”

It is best to buy an engagement ring with a diamond. This stone is preferable from two points of view: practical and aesthetic. Diamond is a hard stone and will last for many years after purchase. Only another cut diamond will be able to scratch it. It is better to keep the jewelry encrusted with royal stones in a separate jewelry box. The other side of the question is the beauty of the piece. Topaz, sapphires and rubies may like your chosen one, but you can not be sure that this is the stone a girl will want to see in the engagement ring.

The color of the metal also plays an important role. There are three shades: pink, lemon and white. A win-win option is the product of lemon (yellow) metal. This is the ring we imagine when we think of an engagement ring. White gold gives a sense of freshness, pink gold gives a sense of refined chic and antiquity (products from this metal were worn by our grandmothers). The most simplified version of the jewelry should look like this: an engagement accessory, made of lemon gold, with a transparent diamond of small or medium size. The setting of the stone is high.

Where to buy engagement rings?

It is better to buy jewelry from time-tested sellers. Engagement rings are one of the most common items in the jewelry business. Engagement rings are special jewelry. Engagement accessories – checking the seller for integrity. You can choose and buy such rings at There is a wide range of engagement rings, so you can always find a great solution. Specialized jewelry store is a great place to buy a ring.