Devops vs Agile

Devops vs Agile

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Nowadays, the scope of IT business is developed to such an extent that there are a huge number of different ways to improve the effectiveness of the work of some particular processes and the entire company. here you can find the best Devops service provider. Various methods promise to significantly increase the productivity of your company, but not all of them have succeeded during the test in practice. Many of these techniques were doomed to failure for various reasons, and only a few of them could really influence the business and change the approach to professional activity. Such techniques include Agile Devops.

Agile and Devops are often confused or considered the same methodologies, but this is not the case

It is important to be able to distinguish one from the other in order to understand the principles of operation of both methodologies and to understand what is better to use Agile Vs Devops. Agile is a system of principles that apply directly to the development process. It can easily be applied to a small group of people who are working to create software. This system is very convenient because it works with the development, as well as with the introduction of frequent small updates. This allows you to conduct continuous work on the software and update it gradually, which makes the process of introducing new functionality and fixing bugs more gentle and convenient.

Devops vs Agile, in turn, is a completely different system. This concerns not only the development itself, but also other processes of the company, and can be applied not only to a small team. Agile vs Devops looks like a more focused methodology, which is capable of making qualitative changes in the process of working on software development.

To implement Agile, you can use several basic techniques, the main of which are scrum and kanban. The most popular is scrum. Its essence is to rally the team and introduce daily communication with the management of the company. At such meetings, each team member talks about his plans for the current day and the problems he faced. Thus, it is possible to cope with all unpleasant situations much more efficiently and quickly. The concept of scrum is much broader, but now it makes no sense to talk about it in details. This is a very convenient tool when it comes to organizing the work of a particular department or some small team of different specialists.

Devops vs Agile looks much more ambitious and can be suitable even for a huge company with a large number of employees. Moreover, each department of the company or each specific team can work according to its own method. For example, one of them can use scrum, another kanban, while the whole company will work according to the methodology of the Devops.

Devops is a revolutionary methodology that was created due to the most pressing problems in the field of software development. It was the way to solve the distinction between developers and operations. From these two words the concept of Devops was created. The bottom line is to erase the boundaries between the processes that are used to create software. This ensures a great involvement of the whole team in the creation process, and the responsibility for the errors is on all the participants that take a part in the process. Team members are deprived of the opportunity to evade responsibility for those faults which, in their opinion, are not directly related to their field of activity.

Agile Devops – both are irreplaceable methodologies that are widely used in modern business. It is difficult to overestimate these techniques, but it is very important to understand their fundamental differences.