Bets on the number of goals

Bets on the number of goals

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Legal bookmakers offer football goals with many options. Bets on goals scored are common among bettors, because this is the main goal of the game. Let’s look at the popular types of goals bets and find out which ones to use and which ones are better to refuse. If the outcome is logically justified and supported by analysis, then it is appropriate, and when an event cannot be predicted it is an adventure. Pin Up casino has a lot of different options so you can find something interesting for you.

1. Bets on the number of goals.

This is a bet on total. There are different types: half, whole, Asian, three-way, exact and others, but one thing unites them – the range of goals scored. In addition to standard totals, the office adds 0-1 goals to the list, 2-3 goals, and so on, but they are more risky. Put on a range of goals when you expect a base game in which teams will play 0: 0 or the maximum will be scored only once.

2. The exact number of goals.

It does not indicate the range or more and less than the selected value, but the exact number of goals scored. Avoid such bets, because one goal will erase the passage of the transaction. In football, crazy balls often fly, so bets on the exact total or score of the match will lead to a loss in the distance.

3. Goal of the team bet.

Will the club be able to arrange a goal – an analogue bet on the individual total is more (0.5). The opposite rate – the option “no”, meaning that the selected team will not be able to score a goal.

4. Bets on goals by time.

These are the same bets, but in a separate half, and not a duel as a whole. For example, a goal in the 1st (2nd) time – yes / no, or goals in both halves. Comparing halves implies their effectiveness – in which half will be scored more. Make such a bet when you deeply understand the style of the game rivals. For example, the first half of the players are eyeing the enemy, but in the second they are activated in the attack. If this is observed regularly, put on 1<2 (the second is more than the first) or just on a goal in the 2nd half.

5. First and last goal.

This is a bet on a sequence of goals – which team will score first or last. When you predict an attacking game from the very beginning of one team, you can risk that it will score first, provided that the opponent doesn’t counterattack badly.

6. Next Goal.

What team will score the next goal. This can be the first, second, third, etc. It is desirable to use the bet in live, when there is the superiority of one of the parties and the goal is brewing. The main thing that the team wanted to score the ball and strive for this, as well as the remaining time. It is dangerous to bet on the next goal when there is 10 minutes left to play, even if the players create a lot of dangerous moments.

7. Interval heads

The offices accept betting at what time a goal will be scored. For example, from the 46th to the 60th or the first goal in the range of 1-15 minutes.

8. Total odd or not.

A bet on what the sum of goals will be odd or not. The market is adventurous, so ignore it. Not only because it’s difficult to predict. Professionals do not use similar options.

9. Player goal.

Will a certain player score one or more goals? There is also a reverse bet – the football player will not be able to score. This is a risky outcome.

10. How a goal will be scored.

A meaningless market, even though a betting strategy has been created for it – the first goal with a foot. Of course, you can try to predict how teams will score a goal: with their foot, from a penalty kick, with their head or their own net. But this is an unnecessary risk. Do not complicate the rates – choose the obvious options.

From the considered bets, the totals and the comparison of the halves look great. It is advisable not to get involved in other markets. Find simple options that are supported by many factors.